The management of Golf Las Américas, conscious of the limitation to the natural resources and the environmental impact associated with the business activity, especially on Canary Islands, in 2004 considered it important for the introduction of 2 systems for its environmental management: The UNE-EN ISO 14.001 and the Biosphere Golf.

Also, at that time we not only thought about our environmental policy but we also took the decision to appoint someone responsible specifically to manage our environmental policy, obliging us to continually revise our activities, products and services always ensuring that we conformed with the policy.

Conscious of our obligations to maintain and look after our environment, we developed a System of environmental management which intended to prevent any negative impact from our business. Our activities and facilities were conceived with the object to optimize the sustainability of the course, preventing contamination and minimizing the negative impact internally and externally. This was a criteria we adopted at that time and for the future.

We are very aware of the impact our golf course could generate (water consumption, contamination of the soil, pressure on the environment etc.) and with this in mind our objective is always to perfect the sustainable management, assuming our commitments for continual improvement in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental as well as customer satisfaction.

Similarly, we committed to comply with all legal requirements and any material applicable for the environmental nature of our golf course.

Our approach should be characterised by the commitment in ensuring that our green keeping staff were aware of our commitment in ensuring that these principals were followed and respected.

This environmental policy is revised on an annual basis and will adapt according to how the course changes.



The UNE EN ISO 14001-2015 system applied in our golf course covers all our activities, products and services, as well as the following infrastructure: the Club House, the golf course and the maintenance hall.





The consumption of water is a very important factor in the maintenance of a golf course, especially in the Canary Islands where water is a scarce resource

At Golf Las Américas our irrigation System is based on the re-utilization of sewage water which comes from the Capital of the island.

On one hand the reutilization of sewage water avoids the consumption of drinking water and on the other hand we take advantage of an important resource given the characteristics of the climate of our island.

To reduce the consumption of purified water we also took measures in this respect. The replacement of sprinklers on the course, the renovation of greens by using new plant species to enable improved physical structure of the soil, new installation of pressure valves and the reduction of the flow of the spray nozzles.

Also our use of drinking water in the clubhouse is limited to the maximum, reducing the capacity of the toilet cisterns, using electronic water taps and the installation of showers using lower consumption.

Lastly, we included the careful control of water consumption in order to detect any anomalies in the system, thus preventing water loss.


The consumption of energy is also strictly controlled within the golf course.

Among the measures that have been implemented at Golf Las Américas to reduce energy consumption is the installation of an optimizer which omits electric surges, switching off outside lights at night and the installation of LED bulbs in the Clubhouse.

In addition to implementing these measures, we invest in renewable energy with 22.7 % of the energy we use coming from this sector.


Taking into account the administration work which our business involves, the control of paper consumption is fundamental.

One of the measures which we put in place to save on paper consumption was the application of practices for the responsible consumption of paper, reutilizing paper already used for draft copies or internal documents and the unnecessary use of printing documents.

In addition, the type of paper we use at the club is free from chlorine which thus avoids the emission of large contaminants.

Lastly, our final objective is to start to use paper from forests which have been certified, in other words from forests which have been planted exclusively for this use and not from illegal use.


Golf courses always are associated with producing dangerous residuals, remnants of plant protection products, products from workshops, batteries, accumulators , fluorescent tubes, etc.

At Golf Las Américas, we manage all hazardous waste we produce with an authorized agent to guarantee the correct management of these products which could contaminate our environment.


As in the same way with dangerous residuals, the production urban waste is a very important for any company

At Golf Las Américas our urban waste products such as paper, carton, plastics and glass are always separated and disposed of in their corresponding waste bins.

With these actions, we are sure that, through proper management, all this waste, instead of ending up in a landfill island, acquires a second life.


The use of pesticides is essential in the treatment of grass on a golf course especially when we use treated waste water, in other words poor quality water.

To minimise the damage to the soil in relation to the use of pesticides, we have developed policy of responsible purchasing of selected products depending on their toxicity.

In addition, we regular frequency, we carry out studies of the environmental compatibility of plant protection products and chemicals on the golf course. With the results of these studies we can determine which products we can substitute for others taking into account their toxicity.

Of course, all of our green keeping staff are instructed in the management and application of these products by our head green keeper.


One of the requirements for the implementation of the UNE EN ISO 14001 in order to pass the certification process is the fulfilment of all the legal requirements applicable to our sector.

So with the standard certification in 2004 we guaranteed for more than 10 years our compliance with the legal requirements that apply to us in air emissions control systems, fire protection , proper use of plant protection products , proper management of waste, implementation of a control system against legionella bacteria , periodic reviews of our low voltage installations , etc.


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Should you have any questions regarding of environmental policy or if you are interested in giving us your suggestions, you can do so by writing to us at : and our environmental officer will contact you.