Golf Las Américas provides a mineralised water fountain on the starter’s hut, so golfers can use refillable water bottles to quench their thirst during the round [1st & 10th tee].

🎋 Players can refill a water bottle made from sustainable and biodegradable natural bamboo fiber. BPA free products are the perfect ecofriendly alternatives to plastic.
⛳️ With this action to go plastic-free Golf Las Américas continues to develop its environmental plan, established in 2004 around 2 key systems: the UNE-EN ISO 14.001 and the Biosphere Golf, conscious of our obligations to look after our environment.
🌳We developed a system of environmental management in order to prevent any negative impact from our business. The system applied covers all our activities, products and services, as well as all the facilities (Club House, golf course and the maintenance hall).
Bottle of water


Pictures: Water bottle made from biodegradable natural bamboo fiber.
Marshall David González León refills the water bottle made of bamboo fiber at Golf Las Américas.