Interview · Lillemor & Thomas Bernhardtz



Today we would like to introduce you to two of our most beloved players, the Swedish couple Lillemor Ohlson Bernhardtz and Thomas Bernhardtz, who have been visiting Tenerife for 28 years. 

In the last 8 years they have been staying on our island for 5 months a year, and this season they played our golf course about twenty times. And we can see them on our driving range almost every day.

Lillemor Ohlson Bernhardtz
Many European players consider Tenerife their second home, like our golfers interviewed yesterday. They are improving their game thanks to the PGA professional David Bosa Santana, one of the Golf Las Américas Academy coaches 🎥 GOLF LAS AMÉRICAS INSIDE · INTERVIEW WITH LILLEMOR & THOMAS BERNHARDTZ


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