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Match play Las Américas Live scoring

PLAYOFFS MATCH PLAY LAS AMÉRICAS A novelty in the Round of 16 WE LAUNCH THE LIVE SCORING OF THE TOURNAMENT     This morning the Round of 16 of the 1st category of the Match Play Las Américas began and we are launching a novelty that will surely be to the liking of all participants and all those amateur golf fans who follow this competition full of emotion. The results of all the matches will be followed live through the Golfdirecto Smart Live Scoring app. At 9:56 am Rafael Díez Folgueras and Alejandro Reyes de Paz began their round of


Round of 16

  With the victory a few minutes ago by Ricardo Esquivel Sánchez over Luis Artacho (3 & 2), the crosses of the round of 16 matches have been completed in both 1st and 2nd category. Today the first clash of this second round has already been played in the highest category, with the victory of Rafael Díez-Folgueras over Alejandro Reyes de Paz (also winning the 16th hole), so we already have the first quarter-finalist of this seventeenth edition . Tomorrow, Thursday 10th, we will have 2 more, after the matchplay played in both categories. At 10 am in the morning,


Playoffs 2021 First Round

PLAYOFFS 2021 ROUND OF 32 The first round of the 2021 Playoffs are almost over. Follow the clashes of 1st and 2nd category of this exciting competition. At the end of the Round of 32, whose deadline is this Sunday 6th, we will explain what happened and we will present you the Round of 16, with the 16 best players in each category.   Download 1st category attached pdf Download 2nd category attached pdf   WEBSITE TOURNAMENT


Match Play Las Américas

XVII MATCH PLAY LAS AMÉRICAS · MAY 22 LIVE FOREVER Would you like your name to be remembered forever? This is a golf tournament unlike any other, that combines two modalities [medal & match play] and a lot of emotion. The great challenge for the players in this tournament is to immortalise their name in the clubhouse, as the current champions Scott Beasley [1st category] and Asier Escobal [2nd category] got last year.   VIDEO · THE CURRENT 1ST CATEGORY SCOTT BEASLEY CHAMPION VISITING HIS NAME INSCRIBED ON THE CLUB HOUSE VIDEO · THE CURRENT 2ND CATEGORY ASIER ESCOBAL CHAMPION

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