Celebrate with us the most special day of your home country

Book online during the months of July&August to play until the 30th of September with a 15% discount

For these months of July and August we will continue with our National Holiday campaign, in which we celebrate together with our visitors the national holidays of their respective home countries. After commemorating in 2019 the Irish St. Patrick's Day, the English St. George's Day, the Dutch King's Day, the Norwegian Constitution Day, the Danmarks, Sverige and Islander National Dags and it is now on to the following nationalities to enjoy with us their roots in the months of July & August:

Book online from the 1st of June to the 31st of August to play until the 30th of September


August 1st  SUISSE Fête nationale · SCHWEIZ Bundesfeiertag · SVIZZERA Festa nazionale · SVIZRA Festa naziunala    PROMO CODE SUISSE / SCHWEIZ

JULY 21st · BELGIUM · Independence Day      · PROMO CODE BELGIUM             

JULY 14th · FRANCE · Fête de la Fédération · PROMO CODE FRANCE

JULY 4th · UNITED STATES · Independence Day · PROMO CODE USA

JUNE 17th · ICELAND Independence Day · PROMO CODE ISLAND


JUNE 6th · SWEDEN Sverige National Dag · PROMO CODE SVERIGE

JUNE 5th · DENMARK Danmarks National Dag · PROMO CODE DANMARK

JUNE 2nd · ITALY Festa della Repubblica · PROMO CODE ITALIA


If you come to play golf with us and you are from one of these countries, take advantage of this exclusive promotion offered through the National Holiday Campaign of the Golf Las Américas Online platform. From today onward you can already book on our website by adding the promotional code of your country, to then play on the day of your National Holiday and up until the 30th of September with a discount of 15%.

So don´t hesitate to spend the day of your country´s festivity with us, as we assure you that you will feel completely at home. It will be a beautiful way to live that special day, away from your land in distance, but not in spirit.

How can I take advantage of my country's promotion?

Choose a day that you would like to come play, starting from today until the 30th of September 2019, enter the promotional code of your country in your language and you will receive the discount. This offer will end the 30th of August. Until then you have time to make your reservation over the online platform of Golf Las Américas [bookings until 31st of August to play until 30th of September].

*On the day you choose to play, you must show your identity card at reception to verify that you have the corresponding nationality.

**Residents of the Canary Islands are excluded from this promotion.