Limited Promotion · Valid only for 1 month (until the 28th of December 2018)


Golf Las Américas has launched a special promotion for all those players who haven’t had the possibility to play 18 holes on our golf course during their stay on Tenerife, or who have preferred to play only 9 holes in the morning, to then enjoy the tranquillity on the terrace of our restaurant. From tomorrow onwards until 28th of December, we therefore offer a discount on the 9-hole price, and we also include breakfast!

We are aware that in high season not all golf players who want to play 18 holes can be accommodated, so since last year we have introduced the so-called Twilight Rate, which allows you to play all the holes that you can manage until it starts getting dark, at a reduced price (starts from 2:30 p.m.).

At this time of the year, due to the high occupancy of the tee times enabled for this Twilight Rate, we are able to offer you to play 9 holes in the morning with a discount and we include the breakfast in our restaurant. This opportunity leaves no excuse for everybody to fully enjoy our facilities for the last months of this year 2018.



If you book online: € 57,50 + € 1.50 administration fee

Normal rate for 9 holes only during high season: 63 €

Each day we have 4 tee times available in the morning with this promotion:

 8:52   ·   9:00   ·   9:08   ·   9:16

At our restaurant, you can choose between English Breakfast or Continental Breakfast. Until 9:30am




The best options to play this week. Book online and find the best deal







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Live according to our time and make full use of all of the advantages offered by the era in which we live in


The best possible way to prepare for your golf trip is by booking your green fees online with us. Simplicity, speed, the best possible rate, absolute security in payment and, above all, maximum comfort are guaranteed.

If you travel to the Canary Islands to play golf, it does not mean you are also travelling to the past. Make your reservation with us on our homepage and live according to our time, taking full advantage of the services offered in our generation.

Make your reservation online and take advantage of the time in which we live in.

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Remember that day you arrived home really late from work. Your partner too. You were so tired. There was no energy to prepare some food. In addition, the fridge was half empty and you couldn´t even choose to snack something light and cheat yourself thinking that are on a diet. What did you do? You ordered food.

If you choose not to call your regular restaurant where you have ordered food before, either because you want to change cuisine or because you feel like something different, would you call any other place without knowing what dishes they offer? Or do you wait for the telephone operator to list them all out to you? Without any time to think or decide. Wouldn´t that be even more stressful?

So you would rather opt to check the leaflets that have been left for you in the mailbox or you look on the Internet. There are tons of webpages where all the restaurants in your area are listed, sorted by type of cuisine, rating and price ranges. Isn´t it so? There you have access to all of the dishes. You can call and verbally order the food that you want, although this does mean to wait for the restaurant to answer and attend you in a timely manner. So what is the best solution? Using the website itself. You choose, pay online and relax. Within 30-45 minutes your dinner arrives. Absolute comfort.

Let's look at another situation. It´ll soon be that bank holiday weekend which you want to take off to travel a few days out with the family. You choose your destination: it´s going to be an island with good weather and ideal for relaxing. Would you call the airport to find out which companies operate to that destination? Would you call your preferred airline to check the schedules and prices? Obviously, no. You would check flights through the Internet to see availability.


Now your accommodation. What would you do?

You search a list of all of the hotels on that beautiful island online. Would you now call each one to ask if there are rooms available for those dates, know what price they have, etc? Then when you have decided with your family which one is your favourite, do you call them up again to book the dates? We are guessing that, in total, with around 10 phone calls you might manage to have organised everything. Don´t you find this process a bit absurd, if not even comical? Outdated or useless?

Nobody who lives in coherence with the current era imagines going through all of this hassle to book a hotel. Nowadays you would simply go to your online travel application with which you find yourself most comfortable: check, book and relax. Your reservation is automatically saved in your app for future reference whenever you want.

So, if in these leisure sectors such as restaurants, flights or hotels, it would be silly to think about booking without using new technologies which allow you speed up, simplify and reach a wider spectrum of possibilities, why not do the same to reserve your green fee?

Furthermore, the internet allows you to take advantage of great opportunities such as promotions, in which you are guaranteed the best prices.


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More and more golfers check the availability of tee times over online platforms and make their reservations through the web pages of the golf courses themselves. No waiting is involved, the process is quick and safe and, as in the case of Golf Las Americas, at the best possible rate. Nobody else can play 9 or 18 holes at Golf Las Americas at a better price than if you book through the club's website.

Over the online platform of our course you can reserve all of the rates, both 18 and 9 holes, in the morning or afternoon, the Twilight rate (play as much as you can until nightfall) and the Golf + buggy + lunch package & the Golf+buggy package.

Don´t worry about not being able to book the buggy online separately, because it is not necessary to book it in advance, you can do this at the Clubhouse. We have a fleet of more than one hundred modern buggies equipped with GPS and touch screen. The moment you get in to play, you can ask for it at Reception. The price does not vary.

With regards to the clubs, you do not need to book these online either. The only exception is if you are a left-handed player or want a special brand, then you can complement your reservation by sending us an email to info@golflasamericas.com, including this special request so that we have everything ready for you the day of your arrival.









TEE TIMES 1st Nov-31st March
18 HOLES 7:40 am - 14:04 am 110€ 104,50€+1,50€ transaction fee
9 HOLES MORNING 8:52 am - 09:24 am 63€ 59€+1,50€ transaction fee
9 HOLES AFTERNOON 3:08pm - 3:56pm 63€ Coming Soon
TWILIGHT 2:36pm - 3:00pm 88€ 85€ +1,50€ transaction fee · You can play until sunset


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