James Ferraby with David Leadbetter in the world summit held this week at Stoke Park Golf (London)

James Ferraby: "It’s incredible how much I’m learning every step of the way"

Our professional James Ferraby was invited to the David Leadbetter Golf Teaching Summit which was held at Stoke Park Golf & Country club near London. The summit was attended by golf professionals and speakers from USA, Europe and Asia (close to 50). Ferraby continues his formation process following the method of the David Leadbetter Academy, which is considered one of the best academies in the world of golf.

James Ferraby Golf is the only Spanish golf professional who has participated in the David Leadbetter Golf Teaching Summit

About the summit:

"Great experience of course learning from one of the best coaches like David Leadbetter is only going to enhance your coaching. And also from all the other worldwide coaches and there experiences and advice really has made me learn a lot in this experience"

What improvements will you apply in Golf Las Américas Academy?

"A lot of aspects on how to improve each individuals day to day golf, whether it’s there technique or focusing on the way they manage themselves on the golf course is also very important"

About the David Leadbetter Academy:

"Already been working for a while alongside David Leadbetter and his team on a certification course to further my teaching and being a much better coach. It’s incredible how much I’m learning every step of the way"