Canarian players at Golf Las Américas (father&son): Guillermo Moreno Fragoso y Guillermo Moreno Masiá


Golf Las Américas would like to encourage you to share 18 holes with your father or your son/daughter. If you are the daughter or son, we invite your father now to disconnect from his daily routine together with you. And if you are a Dad yourself, we invite your child to play full 18 holes with you. Starting from today until this coming Sunday, 16th of June 2019, you can book online 2GF 18 holes with the promotional code FATHER to play on any day this summer (until 30th of September) and you only have to pay for your green fee. Your father's or your kid's green fee, is on us!

Handicap & age
Our favourite sport differs from all the others through a great innovation: the handicap. This allows you to match the level of any other player and therefore means that a beginner can compete in the same course with a medium or advanced level golfer.
There is another point to note in golf. It is a sport that can be practiced at any age and having an advanced age does not imply any considerable disadvantage with respect to a younger opponent, as it has less specific physical conditions as is the case with most others. So to sum up: a father of about 40 years of age can play with his son of 16, but also with his own father close to 70, in a match made up of no less than 3 full generations.

Scottish players living in Tenerife (father&son) with the legend Gary Player in Turnberry: Brian Thom & Elliot Thom

Family-natured sport
These two points that we have highlighted: the equality generated by the handicap and the fact that there is no age limit to play, allows Golf to be an ideal activity to share with the whole family. Fathers, mothers, children, grandparents, nephews... All of them can play together and enjoy a day of golf without limits. This is without doubt one of the secrets of amateur golf. For this same reason it is not unknown that the majority of golf players will admit that they were initiated into their sport by the hand of their parent or a relative, when they started joining them on the course. Take note, for example, of any interview with a professional golfer from any circuit: be it PGA tour, European tour, LPGA tour or LET, or our Seve Ballesteros PGA Tour, once the interviewer inquires about the first steps into the world of pro golf they will often recognize that there was family involved.

For all of these reasons and many more: we wish to celebrate this family-natured sport of ours at Golf Las Américas with parents and daughters/sons on this special day, for which we propose a new online promotion. We would like to encourage you to share a Golf day with your father or your child.

In Europe, this Saturday the 16th of June, Father's Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria and Malta. In the rest of the world it is also celebrated in countries such as the United States or ones with the Anglo-Saxon culture attached to them, such as Canada, India, South Africa, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, but also in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador or Cuba, among others.

2x1 promo code FATHER

We would like to see parents and sons/daughters of all ages this summer sharing 4 hours of game on our course, to later discuss the different challenges of each hole from our Clubhouse terrace, overlooking the 18th Green. You have from today until this Sunday to make your reservation, in order to play the day you want throughout this summer (remember to add the promotional code FATHER to get this 2x1). So that your father's or your child's GF gets invited by us.

* Exclusive online promotion. Only for the 18 holes rates until the 30th of September (packages excluded).

* On game day, father and child must show their ID to verify their relationship.

* This promotion does not apply to residents of the Canary Islands.