Match Play Las Américas will be hosted by Golf Las Américas next Friday the 25th of September at 1 pm. The first phase will give access to the Playoffs and The Finals, which will be held in October and November

The names of the two winners [1st and 2nd handicap categories] will be immortalized at the main entrance of the Clubhouse. This is a tournament unlike any other, that combines two modalities and a lot of emotion.

This year we are launching a new brand image and a new naming. During next week we will announce all the details of the competition, as well as the prizes for this season. Registrations are already open by e-mail and telephone. Also, from the 15th it will be possible to register directly through our website [Private Area for residents players]


Medal: Friday 25th of September at 1pm

Match play: October & November

Price: €85 [includes a minimum of 2 GF]