A hoopoe at Golf Las Américas [by Pablo Olabe]


We are lucky to be able to observe this nice and striking bird, which does not go unnoticed Unmistakable-looking bird, also known as Apupu or Tabobo. It shows on its head a striking crest, of ocher color and with black tips, which it usually deploys when perching, when it is restless or during courtship.

The Hoopoe is insectivorous, it feeds mainly on the larvae and pupae of insects that it looks for directly with the beak in the ground. His singing is a characteristic up-pu-pu-pu, serious and long-range, which has given rise to his Latin name (Upupa).

Bird present all year, with reproduction confirmed according to the status of the Canary Ornithological Society (SOC).


Article by Pablo Olabe · Sociedad Ornitológica Canaria