Elliot en el último torneo disputado en Gofl Las Américas · Foto: Paulino Díaz

ELLIOT THOM: "Sharing moments with Gary Player is something unforgettable"

On September 23rd, Elliot Thom was honoured in the prestigious Trump Turnberry Junior Matchplay and proved once more his extraordinary development in a season which we would like to frame.

Undoubtedly a magnificent highlight to a season where, apart from his victories, he has lived some intense experiences, such as his unforgettable golf day of sharing lessons with the legendary Gary Player.


                                                                Elliot y su padre Brian junto a Gary Player · Foto facilitada por Brian Thom

Elliot Thom · Irvine, Scotland (2001)
Resident in Tenerife since his 9th year of age
Member of the  Trump Turnberry Golf Club  Junior Team
Federated by Golf Las Américas · Former coach  Marc Sabater Xufré

Achievements in 2018
Absolute Doubles Amateur Championship of the Canary Islands
Trump Turnberry Junior Matchplay
Spring Hotels Circuit in Tenerife
Cope Golf Tournament
3rd place in the Junior Regional Ranking [SUB-21 MASC] · Canarian Golf Federation
Member of the Trump Turnberry Golf Club Junior Team

















Elliot began his winning streak in the Doubles Amateur Championship of the Canary Islands, which took place in the Real Golf Club Tenerife in La Peñón last March. He was proclaimed champion of the Canary Islands, pairing up with his good friend Jorge García-Ferrero, another star player of the island talents.


                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: Federación Canaria de Golf

However, without question one of the most emotional moments of this season for him took place on the 28th of June, when Gary Player, who was also staying at the Trump Turnberry Resort, approached Elliot and invited him to play a round. Being one of the greatest players in the history of golf, winner of 9 majors, part of the World Golf Hall of Fame and member of the Big Three (with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer), he was not only interested in the young player and gave him good advice, but also provided him with the necessary confidence to face the following months of competition.

No doubt that the magic wand of the South African took effect on Elliot, because only two days later the young Scottish star was involved in the fourth round of the Tenerife Circuit, which played at Golf Las Américas. A few days later, on the 7th of July, he was on the verge of also winning the European Couple Tournament in Villa Cortés along with his friend Ricky Esquivel. The third win of the year didn´t wait long either and came at the end of that month, when he won by far in the Cope Golf Tournament, with 40 Stableford points.



During the month of August he went with his father Brian Thom to Turnberry, forming part of the Junior Team of this prestigious Scottish Club. He participated in several tournaments during 8 intense days of golf. Then in September, he returned to achieve the winning title of the Youth Matchplay organized by this unique club owned by the US president, but not before becoming also the best scratch in the last tournament of the Golf Las Américas season too, the Dubliner Paku's.


                                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Paulino Díaz

GLA · How would you rate your season?

ET · My golf season has been very positive. Beyond the mentioned results, I consider it good because I have fulfilled most of my expectations to myself on a daily basis, which in the end is the most important part.


GLA · Tell us about your experience this summer in the Turnberry Junior Team.

ET · It has been a very good experience, I have met quite a few people with whom I have learned a lot at a competitive level, since it is a different level of play completely.



GLA · This summer you furthermore had the opportunity to meet the legendary Gary Player and even share a few holes with him. Tell us about your experience.

ET · Yes, it is a pride to have played with him since he is one of my role models. Having shared moments with him is something indescribable and without doubt one of the best times of the year.

GLA · What does your last Turnberry victory mean to you? Is winning this tournament perhaps the one that you are most proud of?

ET · It has been an honour to win, since I have competed with very talented players and it has made me very excited, not only because of my victory, but also because it has been a beautiful experience as a whole. It also means a lot to me to have my name registered in the record of this magnificent tournament.



What are your plans for the next season? And your dreams?

ET · My plans for the next season is to continue being better day by day and to be able to compete in the major tournaments of mainland Spain and beyond. This would be my dream come true. And as for my biggest dream next season, I would love to win a trophy with more prestige.

GLA · What does the world of golf mean to you?

ET · Currently golf is my life. I am lucky to be able to train every day thanks to the effort that my father makes and to whom I am extremely grateful. I train every day to become a better player and it is an honour to represent the world of golf from the Canary Islands to wherever in the world I go.



                                                                                                 Foto: Paulino Díaz